Yummy Treats Free – The Sweet Adventure of a Wiener Dog Snake...

Yummy Treats Free – The Sweet Adventure of a Wiener Dog Snake App for iPhone and iPad : Review


We have brought the classic Snake game to a different level, with over 30 different tasks combinations in 80 levels, divided in 6 episodes that will test your skills and strategy to the max. And it gets better!
Enjoy HD graphics, enemies that sometimes will be smarter than you, over 40 different sound effects, Special effects such as lightning, explosions and warp speed, 6 different dog accessories that you can Change every day. You can even rename the dog house with your pets name, tons of consumable Boosters and 5 permanent boosters that will drastically change the game experience such as :

# Karate Chop: it gives the ability to break hard obstacles;
# Honey Science : honey it’s less sticky in big honeycomb explosions;
# Extra Life: if the cat has 9 lives, the dog should be able to have at least 2;
# Bulldog spirit: now the dog can bite the Chocolate and Strawberry Biscuit Ghosts;
# Elixir of time : it will help you in time challenges.

The game is divided in 6 totally different episodes :
# Adventure begins: levels 1 to 14, with 3 treats, 3 different obstacles and delicious in game puzzles;
# Chocolate fall: levels 15 to 29, with 2 new enemies, 7 different bones and treats, a new special obstacle, new special effects and new amazing sound effects;
# Sweet Glaze : levels 30 to 39, with new special effects, new puzzles and new delicious treats;
# Honey Delights : levels 31 to 54, with 2 new enemies, 4 new different bones and sticky treats , new special effect and new sound effects;
Tip: Be careful around honeycomb explosions, it can make or break a level.
# Yummy path : levels 55 to 64, all enemies and combination of treats so far, all together;
# Crunchy treats : levels 64 to 80. This is getting crazy! New max length, different enemies, treats that will run from you, new amazing sound effects

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