Currently, The App Store has around 1 million apps, and it adds about 20,000 apps per month. In total, There have been over 50 billion app downloads.
The Google Play Store has over 1 million apps, and there have been over 50 billion downloads. So, it’s a Big market with a large user base for both iOS and Android

Now important for developers and app publishers to market their app, Make Them more popular and Visible, and Further Improve The Download of Their Application. Here is a look at all the things that you should know when starting out with app marketing.

If you’re Curious About How to Promote Your Mobile App, This Article is For You. In This Post I’ve Marketing Strategy Guide list of resources that you can learn from and use.


Best App Marketing Agencies List To Increase Your App Revenue & Downloads

It’s not a step-by-step: some of these things have to be done simultaneously. Here is what’s covered:

1:- Online Presence:- Most of the app promotion occurs on the web, and social media is one of the key tools in doing so.

2:-Validate Your Idea:- That’s your basic workflow for researching apps and pre-validating your ideas as much as possible. The next phase would be to plan which .

If you want to succeed in the app business then one thing you really need to do is market research before you launch into any app that you’re doing. 3:-Revenue Model

4: – Getting Your App Reviewed :- Reviews are an excellent way to keep your app in front of your target audience. Your app is exposed to users who may never have heard about your app otherwise. Further, getting reviewed by one site, increases the chances of getting reviewed by other sites as well.

5:- Cross Promoting Your App :- if you use Cross Promotion, Then costs can be cut and more Importantly, you will be Reaching an Audience That’s Already Engaged. You can Cross Promote Within Your own apps, if you have them, so that users who are already using the app will see an ad and since they are already enjoying one app of yours, it’s likely that they’ll download and install another from the same developer.

6:- App Store Optimization: – App store optimization is important to give your app as much visibility as is possible on the App store, and covert viewers to users. A few simple things like choosing the right keywords, designing a great app icon, selecting the screenshots that best capture the essence of your app, writing a good, catchy description can go a long way in improving your chances of being seen and liked.

7:- App Store Affiliation:- Apple takes 30 per cent on every app that you sell or the in-app purchases you generate. Even if it sounds a little unfair, the point is that they give you permission to distribute your product on their store, reaching a much greater audience. Associating with the affiliate programs of the app store is a great way to make some extra money too.

8:- Localization:- Localization is the process of translating your app into multiple languages. … Before you submit your localized app to the App Store or Mac App

9:- Market Your App With Video:- Video is a very powerful way to show why your app is unique. Here’s the ultimate guide on how to use app videos and trailers for your app

10:- Select important keywords:- To market an app successfully, you need to understand the keywords that matter. The term keyword can mean a lot of things in the app world, but at a general level, a keyword should represent a term that a customer will use to recognize what your app does


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