You can video consult an expert in just a few minutes with...

You can video consult an expert in just a few minutes with Spojiti app.


Is your car broken? Is your faucet leaking? Don’t want to spend a huge amount of money on professional help? If yes, then Spojiti is the app that’s perfect for you. Spojiti helps you to save money and time by connecting you to a home-improvement professional on-demand basis. You can video consult an expert in just a few minutes and fix the problem by yourself without breaking the bank.

It can be tough and expensive to hire professional help and most of the time it takes hours for them to arrive. Spojiti is the perfect solution because you get to save time and money while getting professional guidance.

The premise of the app is fairly simple- all you have to do is download and open the app if you want to the help of an expert to solve your problem. You will then be connected to an expert in minutes over a video call who can help you solve your problem.

The main features of the app are:
# Save money by doing home repair yourself while talking to a professional
# Save time by instantly connecting to an expert
# Pay per minute – Standard rates and pay only for the amount of time you talk to the professional
# 24X7 access to skilled professionals who are ready to guide you
# Services offered include- Air conditioning professional, plumber, auto care, electrician handyman, and computer professional
# Flexibility of pay-as-go
# Reliable and trained professionals with years of experience

With Spojiti you can instantly connect with any home improvement expert who will guide you in fixing your problem. Spojiti consultation charges are only $1 per minute, which ensures that you don’t have to spend too much.

It’s free to download but you have to pay for the video consultation. So, if you’re tired of home repair problems and need a reliable source, which will constantly be there to help you, then Spojiti is the app for you.



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