XNSPY Spy Software for IPhone without Jailbreaking Is For Non-Nerdy Tech-Freak Parents.

XNSPY Spy Software for IPhone without Jailbreaking Is For Non-Nerdy Tech-Freak Parents.

Jailbreaking an iPhone is not a piece of cake, especially when it comes to parents. But almost every smartphone monitoring app requires a jailbreak. This is why a major chunk of families are deprived of remote parental controls. But not anymore! Because I have found this quirky and smart app for all the parents who wants to monitor their kids iOS devices but are a little naĂŻve with the technology that surrounds them.

This app XNSPY spy software for iPhone without jailbreaking will do almost everything that a Jailbreak app will do for you. It’s a great convenience for all the parents out there as they wouldn’t have to physically install anything onto the target smartphone nor they will have to jailbreak that device.

The positive impact of Parental Controls on Kids

In this fast moving lane that we live in, parents hardly find time to listen to their kids or to lookout for them during their hard times. Some parents don’t even know what their kids do all day, who they meet or who their friends are. With remote parental controls, life becomes much easier for parents as they can silently stay informed about their kids’ online and offline activities.

Kids on the other hand, also feel confident and secure with a parental control on their smartphones.

No Jailbreak, No Download, No Installation

Unlike the traditional jailbreak versions that require a jailbroken iPhone and a download and manual installation on the target device, XNSPY No Jailbreak only requires Apple ID and password of the target user. The only thing that parents need to do is get their XNSPY subscription and start monitoring immediately. There is a yearly, quarterly and monthly package to add to the convenience of the parents.

Great Features, Small Price Tag

Another difference where XNSPY is a standout performer is its price and features combo. Parents can get the No Jailbreak subscription for as low as $8.33/month. There are many useful features provided by XNSPY like:

  • Calls and SMS monitoring.
  • Emails monitoring.
  • WhatsApp chats tracking.
  • Contacts viewer.
  • Calendar entries tracker.
  • Internet history logs monitoring.

XNSPY spy software for iPhone without jailbreaking is the most affordable and easiest solution to remote parenting. Do try it!

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