World Around Me travel iphone app rivew By WT InfoTech

World Around Me travel iphone app rivew By WT InfoTech


World Around Me – WAM – is the perfect tool for travellers, tourists or locals who want to know everything about what’s around them.

Discover places just by pointing your phone around you, and feel at home in any location in the world! Let WAM lead you on an exciting journey to the places around you.

Launch WAM and point the phone around you to start getting all kinds of useful information!
Here are just some of the places that WAM will identify, locate and show reviews for:
=>Restaurants | Bars | Cafes
=>Banks | ATMs
=> Movie Theatres
=> Museums | Art Galleries
=> Parks
=> Gas Stations
=> Subway Stations | Train Stations | Bus Stops | Taxi Stands | Airports
=> Hospitals | Dental Clinics
=> Pharmacies
=> Gyms | Spas
=> Hotels
=> Shopping malls | Grocers | Clothing Stores
=> Book Stores | Shoe Stores
=> Churches | Mosques | Synagogues | Temples
WAM combines cutting edge Augmented Reality technology with a seamless, fluid interface that adds useful and exciting information to all the places around you. It is a new perspective (city lens), for you to explore places around you. WAM shows place names, ratings and distance in a seamless and intuitive AR view. One more tap and you get to access detailed reviews, opening hours, directions and contact details.

How do I start WAMming?

=> Launch WAM and hold the phone up to your eye level, pointing the camera at the surroundings you want to explore
=> Choose what you’d like to do: Eat & Drink, Enjoy, Fuel, Move, Health, Shop, Pray, Money, Stay
=> See the world around you come to life – all of the places in that category pop up as overlays on your phone, along with distances, contact details and reviews.
=> Go forth and explore!
With WAM, you can:
1. Search for 9 main categories of places and 31 subcategories with just one tap.
2. Tap and Speak to start WAMming – Discover places by talking, to find what you need.
3. Get super useful info such as: WiFi availability, accepts credit cards, takes reservations, has outdoor seating.
4. Check out user reviews, directions, phone numbers, opening hours, price tier, photos and more.
5. Choose between AR, list and map views to navigate.
6. Rank places around you by distance or importance.
7. Talk in your language! English, Spanish, Portuguese, German and more to come

World Around Me l
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