Words With Diamonds A Fun And Addictive Action-Word Game For Multitaskers.

Words With Diamonds A Fun And Addictive Action-Word Game For Multitaskers.


World’s first Action-Word Game for multitaskers

Word games are challenging, but they lack action. Action games are exciting, but they don’t do much for our

brains. Along comes Words with Diamonds, an Action-Word Game that combines the best of both worlds.

Words with diamonds is the first game that really puts your multitasking skills to the challenge.

It works your memory, shooting skills, trivia knowledge, thinking & visual attention – all at the same time!

Think of Words with diamonds as Word game on steroids!

The goal on each level is to guess the mystery word in various categories such as animals, states, celebrities,

songs, films, etc. But good memory and trivia knowledge is not enough. You need to also be a good

sharpshooter. When you drag the ball to hit a flying diamond, letters pop up. Choose the right letter to solve

the mystery word.

Diamonds vary in value from white to blue, but watch out for the black diamonds.

White: 1 of 3 letters is correct

Yellow: 1 of 2 letters is correct

Green: Get 1 correct letter

Pink: Get 2 correct letters

Blue: Get 3 correct letters

Round: Bingo. Choose 1 correct letter to complete the level

Black: Oops, you lose. Try level again

Multitasking is a function of how well you manage your working memory doing several tasks at once. Every

level stretches your memory and improves your multitasking capability. When you reach level 40, it’s safe to

say that you can multitask. If you reach level 50, you’re an above average multitasker. In the near future,

you’ll be able to take your multitasking skills to new levels.

Level 60 Intermediate Multitasker

Level 70 Good Multitasker

Level 80 Excellent Multitasker

Level 90 Expert Multitasker

Level 100 Master Multitasker

COINS: Words with diamonds is a Free game. However, without coins, you cannot play. Each time you pass a

level, you earn a score which is converted into coins. Using coins, you can purchase booster diamonds, letters

or fans, which will help you pass more difficult levels. You may also purchase coins in the app.

FANS: Without fans you can’t play the game. You can purchase more fans by inviting Facebook friends or

simply waiting 25 minutes, which grants you 5 fans.

Playing Tips:

1) If you click the wrong letter, try to remember it so you don’t click it again.

2) If you click the right letter, try to remember the other wrong letters, so you don’t click them next time.

3) If you’re stuck on a certain level, you can accumulate more coins by replaying easier levels. Then you can

buy special diamonds, which will help you pass the level you’re stuck on.

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