WordRops an addictive word game with a twist & word play adventure.

WordRops an addictive word game with a twist & word play adventure.


The latest word game, which is fun and educational at the same time, Wordrops is designed for everyone who loves word games and can’t get enough of them. Unlike other games where you must pay to win, Wordrops will PAY YOU WHEN YOU COME AT THE TOP OF THE LEADERBOARD! Yes, you read that right!
Wordrops is a best word or letter game for everyone who has an interest in space graphics, as well as language /words related games. It is fast, it is addictive, and most importantly it is fun. Thanks to its fun features, different age groups can enjoy Wordrops. Some of these functions include:

# Striking and original graphics that showcase the beauty of space
# Addicting background music with catchy sound effects
# Simple yet stunning animation for word challenge
# Highly addictive gameplay with dozens of levels
# Available in three languages- Spanish, French, and English so that you can enhance your vocabulary builder
# Single and multiplayer
# Regularly updated leader board
# Exciting cash prizes every month for the top scorer
# You can share the app with your friends as well
# WordRops help to improve language skills

Wordrops will keep you engaged for hours with its stunning graphics, crystal clear sound effects and entertaining gameplay. The game will help you improve vocabulary in a fun way.

How to play:
An addictive word game with a twist, Wordrops is a fun-filled word play adventure. The gameplay is simple. You just need to sign in and choose your mode of play. If you choose single player, then you are good to begin and be eligible for the prize by topping the Leaderboard. If you choose multiplayer mode, just send a request for a battle and one of the thousands of players available online will engage in a war of words with you; however, you won’t be eligible for the prize

Once you enter the arena, alphabets will start dropping in the form of asteroids. Quick! Form a word using these asteroids and submit to earn points. Remember, you cannot move forward if you do not earn the stipulated number of points in each level.



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