Wheelie King 3D is best bike game

Wheelie King 3D is best bike game

Love to ride a bike on a mobile phone? Then you must try Wheelie King 3D game once. I’m playing this game for a long time so here I’m sharing my review. It’s really nice bike racing app that you can play. Those who love to ride a bike can have this game as one of the best platforms.

It’s a challenging game. As per my own experience, it’s really challenging one. So you need to play it with care. Initially, it was difficult for me to play but with practice now I become addicted to this game.


  • Customize bikes
  • Upgrade your bikes
  • Online leaderboards
  • Multiple tracks
  • Escape cop game mode
  • Daily missions to add more fun
  • Race against the time
  • Drifting challenge mode
  • Set your graphics (low or HD)
  • 50 cc scooters to 1300cc turbo bikes
  • Realistic 3D wheelie game

You can view your bike from different angles in this game. I really like this feature of the game. For moving the bike right or left, you need to tilt your device. Initially, there will be only one bike available and rest of them will be locked.



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