Wheelie King 3 is all about stunt and fun

Wheelie King 3 is all about stunt and fun

Wheelie King 3


Do you like to ride a bike? Recently one new game app has been launched named as Wheelie King 3. It’s available on the Google Play store. The game is a combination of fun and challenge. One who likes to deal with bike games can have this game as the best choice. It’s fully customized with realistic graphics.

Features of Wheelie King 3

  • Different graphics settings like low& medium
  • Wheelie record
  • Different challenging tracks
  • The Option to sell the vehicle
  • Changing the color of the bike
  • Online leader board to compare your performance with others
  • Play from the off-road to the city road
  • Get the coins
  • The option of mute on & off

Playing the strategy of this game:

To play this game, you just need to download it and install the app. After that choose your own landscape. On pressing on the accelerator icon, the bike will move forward. On pressing down arrow, you will be able to do the stunt. Don’t let your bike fall down or get hit with obstacles as this will lead to game over.

The score will be count on the basis of your drifting and bonus will be given on the basis of stunt. All you need to play the game with care. It’s because if the track is challenging.


Wheelie King 3 is a bike racing game that one can enjoy anytime or anywhere. It’s a perfect way to pass free time. Download this game and deal with the challenge.

Wheelie King 3



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