Welcome to the Granny’s Bakery ! A place where you can bake...

Welcome to the Granny’s Bakery ! A place where you can bake your own cookies.


For all those who love to bake cakes and be a mini Masterchef, here is a virtual kitchen you can experiment and go mad in! Whether boy or girl, young or old, every person has a sweet tooth for that yummy desert that they just cannot deny! Complete with a lovable old grandmother in the shop, you can now bake cakes for yourself or send them to someone else as a gift! Whatever the occasion is, you can go nuts with Granny’s Bakery – Cooking Game – wedding cakes, birthday cakes, celebration cakes or valentine sweets, anything goes!

Here are a few of the features the app has to offer you –

# Wonderful, 3D graphics that will bake cakes & cookies that make your mouth water
# Unlimited number of combinations of cakes & cookies that you can make, giving you infinite gameplay aspects
# Cakes shapes and sizes of different varieties
# A variety of cake toppings
# Ability to take screenshots to be shared with all your friends and family
# Slide puzzle minigame
# Unlocking newer cake and topping combinations by earning more coins
# A user interface that is easy and simple

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