Want To Know What’s Going Into Parties Before You Get There Check...

Want To Know What’s Going Into Parties Before You Get There Check iParty Crash


Ipartycrash is a social media, promotions, networking and navigational app for determining what’s going on at parties before you get there, as well as locating events and friends locally and internationally.

It has a grid screen with maps for determining your current position relative to the parties or events on the map grid. The map grid screen contains information about events and parties such as location, finding friends on the map, rating, ability to message locations, ability to post live pics at the location, rating locations, getting directions, purchasing tickets, map chat rooms and much more.

Outside of the grid screen is a search screen for searching through flyers and events as well as a member screen for finding members. An upload screen is included for flyers and personal pics as well as a profile page which shows status and checkin location as well as uploaded pics, friends and bookmarked and rsvp events.

Any member can upload flyers which goes directly to the mapping grid allowing chatting and uploading functionality to those locations. It also includes a mailbox for messages. All information from the status and checkin are also recorded on to the timeline as well as pics and flyers you have uploaded.

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