Wake up your mind with Trigga

Wake up your mind with Trigga

Trigga is a mobile app that gives you a platform of setting up an alarm for Youtube. It supports automated casting to the connected device.

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Do you like to wake up daily with the new content of YouTube? Trigga is here to help you with the same. This app is meant for making your day perfect. The app is made for those who like to get notified for daily videos, apps & games. This app will be helpful in availing of a positive mindset on a daily basis.

Apart from the video, you could launch any game or any other app which will be your daily routine. This will support automated casting. The app is useful for all age group persons.

Key Features of Trigga:

  • Choose the Vibrating Pattern: In this option, you could easily select the pattern of vibration you want.
  • Sharing option: You could easily share it on the different social networking platforms.
  • The naming of alarm: A user could easily name the alarm of his or her choice.
  • Simple user interface: The UI of the application is simple enough. This makes this app user-friendly and ideal for use.
  • Accessing the app: A user could easily set the alarm as any other normal app. It’s as simple as setting an alarm on the mobile.
  • Different option: Games, dream diary, games, media, entertainment, socialization & the organization.

Use of Trigga:

Just download the app and install it. Log in with the email ID. Now you could easily set the alarm for your favorite Youtube channel.  The setting of the alarm is just like any other normal alarm app. you can select the chromecast device for which you want your alarm to play. The Youtube video will be played on the phone, in case if you don’t select the casting device.

Why this app is good?

Being simple it is very much user-friendly. One could easily use this application for being notified about daily Youtube. It is customized that makes it more convenient. This makes it good enough to use. It offers so many options like meditation, entertainment, media or the socialization.

This app is also good for those who are unfamiliar with Youtube. For the Youtube creator, this app is helpful in getting the right audience. This will support the waking consciousness with the content. It’s useful for those who don’t have much experience with YouTube.

Last words:

Trigga is a good mobile app that provides the chance of enjoying the notification for daily videos. It’s an easy app that everyone could use. Just download it! It’s FREE!


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