Wake Smarter Alarm Clock – Voice Controlled iPhone App:Review

Wake Smarter Alarm Clock – Voice Controlled iPhone App:Review


Use your voice to set alarms, ask for the news or weather, play music, listen to your Twitter & Facebook feeds and more. It’s like your personal “bedside butler” that understands your every need.

** Wake Up How You Want to Wake Up **

PICTURE THIS SCENE: You’ve just woken up to songs from your favorite playlist or perhaps your favorite internet radio channel and you’d like to know if it’s going to rain today, or perhaps the score of last night’s football match, or how about what your friends are saying on Facebook or Twitter. With Wake Smarter you can hear it all from the comfort of your bed!

This is the first app that lets you customize your alarm with the information that you want to hear, when you want to hear it. Set your alarm with the following options, in any order you choose:

# Internet radio or songs from your playlist
# Local or world news stories
# Weather & forecast reports for the day
# Events listed in your personal calendar
# Birthday reminders for family & friends
# Facebook postings or Twitter feeds
# Pre-recorded “celebrity” wake up messages
# Sport scores, traffic reports or your favorite blog
# Your horoscope, the joke of the day or a daily inspirational quote
# Your own voice recorded message
# Custom messages that you type and have read to you
# Over 20 unique alarm sounds

** Fall Asleep a Little Easier Tonight **

Fall asleep to your favorite music, relaxing ambient sounds, podcasts or even audio books and Wake Smarter will automatically stop the sleep timer once the time runs out that you set.

** Wake Up With A Smile Every Day **

Life is all about having fun…and so is this app…

# Wake up to “celebrity” messages from Homer Simpson, Beavis & Butthead, Stewie from Family Guy, President Obama and more!
# Get your partner or your children to record a fun voice message that you can wake up to while away on a business trip.
# Be a little mischievous and type in your own wacky message and have it read to you when you wake. Anything’s possible!!

** Visually Stunning Images & 3 Clock Designs **

Wake Smarter is not just a revolutionary new app that’s jam-packed with amazing features. It’s also a beautiful accessory to any bedroom or office. Choose from:

# Over 30 stylish background photos and designs
# 3 different clock faces (digital, analog and night view)
# Adjustable screen brightness with the flick of your finger
# 12- or 24-hour time formats

** All the Wake Smarter Features **

# Voice controlled – Ask and Wake Smarter answers!
# 100’s of different alarm combinations
# Choose from Internet radio, playlists, podcasts or audio books
# Adjustable screen brightness
# 12- or 24-hour time format
# Sleep timer with automatic shut off
# Over 30 gorgeous background designs
# Adjustable snooze time
# Current and accurate weather reports
# Over 20 different alarm sounds
# 11 ambient sleep sounds
# 1000’s of top news channels
# Set multiple alarms
# Shake to turn off alarm
# “Celebrity” wake up messages
# Record your own wake up messages
# Convenient reminder notices
# Back up alarm

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