Voteworthy It’s a fun and free political trivia game for iOS Users.

Voteworthy It’s a fun and free political trivia game for iOS Users.


Are our presidential candidates worthy of our votes? Play this political trivia game – Quizzes on 2016 elections, GOP, Democrats,former presidents and US history.

Experience the all-new political trivia game: Voteworthy. It’s a fun and free political trivia game.

Endless political trivia and in-depth quizzes to find out if US presidential candidates, Clinton and Trump, are vote worthy.

The 2016 US presidential election will be challenging, entertaining and fun with this quiz app. Invite your friends to play this challenging political trivia game and find out what you really know about the US presidential election.

Play the Voteworthy trivia gaming app to educate yourself on 2016 elections, GOP politicians, Democrats, former presidents and US history.

Use lifelines to get a leg up while playing this multi-player trivia game. Boost your ranking and claim your place on the leadership board by competing with US voters and political junkies from around the world by answering questions about the political gaffes, presidential candidates, candidate promises and presidential history.

Playing Voteworthy is:
# Fun and interesting
# Education with opportunity to compete worldwide with others interested in US Elections.
# A fun way to challenge your friends to boast about your political history and political knowledge
# Learn amazing facts about popular candidates like, Trump, Clinton and sanders.

How to Play? It’s Simple!
# Click on the quizzes on the home screen of the Voteworthy app and play with competitor from across the world.
# Answer 3 out of the 5 questions in each quiz and win to get higher scores.
# You and your opponent will have 12 seconds to answer each question.
# Use lifelines like 50/50 and crowd selections to quickly beat your opponent.
# Start winning the game by earning more points and rank high.
# Play with friends or others interested in the same topics.

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