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VISUAL 4 Free Photo & Video iPhone app for iPhone and iPad : Review


VISUAL4 has arrived for the creative in you.

VISUAL4 is a new type of creative editing tool to express yourself. With a simple and intuitive interface and an abundance of useful resources at your disposal, it helps you make your images much more special.

Working in the WORKROOM…
When using the 4 special work methods in the VISUAL4 Work Room, you can edit and design your images to create a fine finished product.
VISUAL4 helps to make the work processes of professional designers to be more innovative and simple so that work progresses in a steady flow, enabling you to work in a fun way to create beautiful results.

Records in the JOURNAL…
Keep your beautiful results in your own personal journal.
The journal can be used for whatever you wish, such as an album, portfolio, photo diary, and more.



A. WORKROOM (4 methods)
# You can insert and revise (Filter & Detail corrections) images.
# Add unique and interesting FRAME designs.
# Add beautiful and emotive PATTERN designs.

# You can apply unique designs and editing EFFECT.

# You can apply various messages to the TEXT designs.
# You can apply diverse and unique BORDER designs.

# You can apply impressive STAMP designs.
# You can apply compelling STICKER designs.

# Save all the beautiful photos and products that you create in your personal JOURNAL.
# You can add simple texts in the JOURNAL.
# You can edit your journal’s cover.
# You can share photos and products via SNS and email.
# You can save all to your Camera Roll.

# You can download and STORE diverse resources that you may need for your products.
(If not connected to a Wi-Fi network, connection charges may apply.)
# FRAME (28 packages / total 204 items)
# PATTERN (27 packages / total 176 items)
# EFFECT (22 packages / total 134 items)
# TEXT (21 packages / total 205 items)
# BORDER (20 packages / total 173 items)
# DECORATION (45 packages / total 510 items)

Premium benefits
# Unlimited downloads of design resources
# Subscription to receive monthly new design resources
# Ability to create an unlimited amount of journals

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