VideoPop Video Editor & Movie Maker App For iOS Users

VideoPop Video Editor & Movie Maker App For iOS Users


VideoPop is your personal video calendar that allows you to capture, remember and share your life by the day, week, month and year – One video at a time. After recording your video every day, you will then have the ability to string them all together into a single montage of your life. You can even add more than 2 videos for a single day and merge up to 10 minutes of video recording!

This app is about one thing and one thing only – Capturing your best videos for the day and saving them for later reference. For people who love to remember their life through their videos, this is the perfect app for you!

VideoPop lets you save videos by the day and view it by the month in calendar or timeline view. If you enjoy recording videos of all your special moments and are looking for a cool way to remember each day with a video, then VideoPop is definitely the right app for you!

Here are all of the special things you can do with VideoPop:
# Record brand new videos within the app
# Import existing videos from your Camera Roll, Dropbox, or Google Drive
# Auto-sync your mobile device’s video gallery with VideoPop’s calendar
# Edit videos by adjusting their time length
# Add fun video filters for different visual effects
# Add catchy background music from your song library
# Add video titles, tags, and locations for easy discovery
# Add notes to each video to easily encapsulate those precious moments
# Merge select videos to create a video montage based on any given time period, tag, title, or location
# Save your videos by sharing to DropBox or Google Drive to improve storage space on your mobile device
# Share your videos via Facebook, Instagram, YouTube, Vine, Tumblr, Evernote, Messaging (WeChat, LINE, Kakao, iMessage, Text Message), E-mail and many others

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