Vertical Cliff iPhone App : Review

Vertical Cliff iPhone App : Review


SummerTimeStudio Vol.11!

The Japanese/Okinawa tablet and mobile developer would like to present to you a a new-style dynamic rappelling action game, “Vertical Cliff”!

Adventurer of men and women, who had committed all to a single rope, go on an adventure to find the legendary treasures from the sheer cliff.

There are 13 stages in total of the famous height and cliffs in the world.
In the stages, you will be disturbed in your way by traps, gimmicks and natural phenomenon and also various animals will attack you.

Can you imagine how beautiful the treasure that you will see at the end is? Could it be that you can watch with your own eyes?

Story of adventurers who believed in the rope will start from your hands.

Operation hints and tips:
# All you need to do is use only one finger!
# Just repeat “hold and release” rhythmically by specifying the point where you want to jump!

Points for growing character:
# Two elements to grow the character “Status” and “Skill”.
# By making these strengthen and protect the body from a variety of traps and gimmick!

Technic tips:
# There is a treasure by the end of each stage.
You can collect them that can later be used to grow the character.
# Each stage has 25 missions.
By clearing the mission, you can unlock a new stage and enhance the status!
# The game is over immediately when you land in the danger zone!! Be aware of this!!

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