Vehicles Cloud is your new certified Maintenance Garage

Vehicles Cloud is your new certified Maintenance Garage

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Maintenance of vehicles is an important part of our life because when the vehicle will be in good condition, it will give out good output. Now increasing the value of your vehicle is quite easy, thanks to Vehicles Cloud app. The main purpose of this app is to provide certified maintenance for your vehicle. It could be used by individual & mechanics.

Features of Vehicles Cloud:

  • Sharing the information: Sharing of the vehicle information with friends & mechanics is easy with this application.
  • Searching of mechanic: The searching of mechanic is easy by location and distance. A user could get the direction, visit the website, call or send an email.
  • Service Point: You could easily search for the service point using this feature. There are different options for spare parts.
  • My Calendar: Through my calendar feature, you could easily set the date for an event.
  • Notification: Keep your self updated with the help of the notification option
  • Photos: In the photos option, you can easily upload the pictures.

Working on the app:

Firstly you need to add your vehicle to the garage section given in the app. It will use the date of registration, identification & model number to identify each vehicle. Now a user could add photos and fix the date to schedule an event using the calendar feature. For the spare parts & tasks, you can attach the list.

You could easily hide or show an event to those people with whom you have shared the information. Also, it’s easy to share what you want. As a customer, you can search for a mechanic and as a mechanic, you could create your profile. Customers could easily share their vehicles with a mechanic. When a mechanic will accept the invitation, he will join the shared vehicle and you will be able to see the owner in the garage. The Mechanic will have the authority to schedule an event.

Merits of this app:

The benefit of this app is all about its easy accessing. It increases the value of your vehicle. The sharing of information is very simple using this app. It will also ensure the safety for you and people on the street. This app is beneficial for all vehicle owners and mechanics to grab the smooth operation.

Last words:

Vehicles Cloud is an important and useful app that makes your vehicle maintenance easy. For every vehicle owner, it is now easy to fix an event.


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