Vegetarian Cooking Best Cooking app for iPhone Users

Vegetarian Cooking Best Cooking app for iPhone Users


Do you want to know how to create stunning vegetarian dishes? Vegetarian Cooking gives you easy-to-follow tips and techniques that will have you preparing unique dishes that you and your family will love. Delicious recipes are demonstrated in videos allowing you to see every detail of the process. The accompanying text helps even kitchen novices learn quickly, with useful notes and lists. From Vegetarian Moussaka to Marinated Tofu Salad, these recipes are sure to please the whole family.

Read along with the text as you watch the videos, then take a fun quiz to find out what you’ve learned! The innovative videobook format is intuitive to use and lets you quickly navigate with the swipe of a finger.

=>Includes 9 different dishes
=>Easy-to-follow video demonstrations
=>Ingredients and equipment overview
=>Professional tips and techniques

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