Vegetarian How to Cook Everything iPhone App : Review

Vegetarian How to Cook Everything iPhone App : Review


How to Cook Everything Vegetarian®, the ultimate one-stop vegetarian cookbook—from New York Times columnist and bestselling author Mark Bittman—has more than 2,000 recipes, scores of how-to illustrations, and a nifty set of features designed especially for cooks on the go.

The How to Cook Everything Vegetarian universal app for iPad and iPhone makes delicious meatless and vegan food more accessible than ever. It offers the depth, scope, and portability of the bestselling How to Cook Everything app—and it’s all about vegetarian food.

This app is optimized uniquely for both the iPad and the iPhone, making the most of the size, shape, and capabilities of each. Some features are specific to the iPad only.

In this app you’ll find:

=> The contents of Mark Bittman’s award-winning book, including more than 2,000 meatless recipes and recipe variations—from easy stir-fries, pastas, and burgers to do-it-yourself projects like tofu and cheese from scratch.

=> No-nonsense cooking guidance: how-to illustrations; equipment, technique, and ingredient information; and meal-planning ideas.

=> Easy-to-use and flexible search capabilities, including enhanced filters and the ability to browse recipes and reference information.

=> Dedicated layouts for portrait and horizontal views, so the information and recipes are easy to follow—from any angle.

=> Inspiring photos of weekly featured recipes (iPad only).

=> Well-organized and email-friendly shopping lists that make it easy to buy ingredients—and whatever other groceries you need at home.

=> The ability to bookmark particular recipe steps and jump with ease among recipes (iPad only).

=> The ability to convert temperatures and quantities to metric.

=> Handy built-in timers, placed throughout the recipe steps.

=> A How-To section that provides convenient access to hundreds of illustrated tutorials on a broad range of topics (iPad only).

=> A notes tab on each recipe that makes it easy to add your own recipe notes (iPad only).

=> Select quotes from the book with voice-overs by Mark Bittman (iPad only).

=> A constant-on button to prevent the screen from dimming while you cook (iPad only).

=> The ability to print recipes and shopping lists and to add recipes to calendars.

=> The ability to email up to 10 recipes a month to yourself or to friends.

=> Cooking inspiration: Bittman’s Picks, Featured Recipes, Menues, and Favorites, which provide quick access to selected recipes.

=> Feed your friends: Integration with Facebook and Twitter allows you to share what you’re cooking with your social network!

All recipe and reference content is embedded in this app, which means that you can use it even if you don’t have a network connection. The How to Cook Everything Vegetarian app is the perfect complement to the book, an invaluable resource and guide.

The How to Cook Everything Vegetarian app is the perfect complement to the book, an invaluable and innovative resource and guide.

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