Vault Secure Pro app Your Personal Security Assistant For Photos And Video

Vault Secure Pro app Your Personal Security Assistant For Photos And Video


Secure It. Lock It. Guard It.
Secure all your private data in a private vault!

VaultSecure Pro app is the ultimate information security data vault where you keep your personal photos, videos, voice memo, eWallet, and notepad private under lock and key. Additionally, you can sync all data so you have access across all your devices. Photo storage, video storage, note storage are just some of the great functionalities of VaultSecure Pro.

* Your private cloud will ensure you never lose your important personal data ever again *

The VaultSecure Pro App allows the highest level of customized data security and data protection for your Apple devices. Use PIN pad lock, fingerprint touch ID, facedown auto lock, create a fake PIN to protect the real Vault, and get visual break-in alerts. Also get additional private cloud space.

* Keep Your Sensitive and Private Data SAFE *

Fully control your data privacy by using the VaultSecure Pro App. The App offers an ultimately secure Vault which is guarded by a PIN and fingerprint ID to keep personal photos and secret videos private safe. Anyone can customize the App to choose which photos, videos, albums and folders require privacy. The app has the highest levels of data encryption. Lock your eWallet and Notepad to keep card details, passwords and sensitive data hidden.

Vault Secure Pro’s security FEATURES:

# Private Cloud – Protect and sync up to 50 privacy photos across devices.
# PIN Pad – Lock out everyone but you.
# Facedown Lock – Auto-exit by turning your phone facedown
# Safe Send – Share personal photos and selfies for a limited time.
# Photos by Email – Add photos directly-and securely-to Vault Secure Pro via email.
# Recover private photos – Pull from our cloud if you lose your phone or tablet.
# Sync photos – Sync between your Vault Secure Pro devices.
# Touch ID integration – Support for iPhone’s finger-print authentication
# Fake PIN – Create a decoy PIN to keep your files safer.
# Album Lock – Add extra protection with a privacy password per photo album.
# Video Lock – Add all personal Videos to secure vault.
# eWallet Lock – Protect all your sensitive data.
# Voice Memo Recorder Lock – Important voice notes kept safe and hidden.
# Notepad Lock – Ideas and sensitive notes secured and protected.
# Custom Covers – Set a photo as a custom album cover.
# Break-In Alerts – Lock the app or take a selfie after multiple PIN attempts.
# Private Premium Cloud – Protect and sync up to 5,000 personal photos and videos across devices.
# Secret Door – Disguise Vault Secure Pro as a different app altogether.
# Pin Timeout – Leave Vault Secure Pro unlocked for 30 seconds after close.
# PIN Themes – Customize the look and feel of Vault Secure Pro.

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