Vampire – Kids Story Book – scary and fun storytelling App Review

Vampire – Kids Story Book – scary and fun storytelling App Review


Meet Vladmir Von Splatter. Born centuries ago in the stormy region of Darkonia, Vladmir’s sharp teeth, yellow skin and bloodshot eyes reveal that he’s a vampire. But unlike other vampires, Vladmir has a good heart. So good, in fact, that he keeps it in a special place. You’ll find out where—and many other frightfully fascinating details of Vladmir Von Splatter’s life—when you play Welcome to the Vampire’s Lair … If You Dare!!

Using stunning 3-D animation, Welcome to the Vampire’s Lair … If You Dare!! offers both frights and fun with chilling activities and hair-raising surprises. With vibrant, sharp graphics and crystal clear, customized sound effects, this app is a highly interactive, addictive game.

Here’s a look at some of the fun in Vladmir’s lair:

=> Available with word-by-word narration in English, Spanish and Portuguese. With the tap of a finger you can translate from one language to another.

=> Pet Sweetheart, Vladmir’s ravenous, carnivorous plant (but don’t let her bite your finger off!)

=> Attempt to crush the deadly, furry scorpions from the land of Terrorvania before they multiply.

=> Put a puzzle of the Mona Lisa back together the right way.

=> Watch Night of the Vampire on Vampire TV by touching the remote control.

=> Touch the coffins and watch screaming skeletons jump out singing blood curdling, menacing music in Screamophone.

=> Enter the electric Terror Laboratory and hit the right levers to jolt Vladmir’s heart back to life. Just don’t hit the wrong levers, or you’ll be sorry!

=> Take a photo of yourself in Vamp-o-morph, add buggy, eerie eyes and ferocious fangs, save it to the gallery and use it to freak out all your friends!

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