UVUEME : Generate Customize Signature To Emails iOS App

UVUEME : Generate Customize Signature To Emails iOS App


You probably send and receive hundreds of emails a day. Every email that you send, a fresh, new one, or a reply, is an opportunity to have the receiver connects with you via social media. If they know how to find you on social media.
It’s a form of lead capture–let’s say someone emails you to inquire about your products or services. You email them back. At the bottom of your email is a spiffy email signature that lists all of your social networks. They think “oh, hey! I’m on LinkedIn, I’ll connect with them on LinkedIn,” or they’ll “like” your Facebook page. You’ve now increased your ability to communicate and win this person over as a customer or client by two-fold (that’s assuming that you are keeping your social networks active and interesting).

Everyone should have an email signature. UVUEME recognizes the need for signatures on messages sent from mobile devices. By installing the app, you get guarantee that every message is signed off with a signature with all important details.
UVUEME provides spaces for name, email, phone number, and additional details. It’s an efficient way to get all pertinent personal information across without thinking about it.

The app’s best features:
– Easily create a signature with just a few taps
– Add a fun picture or logo from your camera roll or photo library
– Create custom banner or image for your business
– Links to your social network contacts, like Facebook, LinkedIn
– Unlimited number of email signatures
– Copy signatures to clipboard for easy pasting
– Select your default template for signature
– You may change your images or contact information anytime you want, it’s all included in the service.
– These images are hosted on our Worldwide Cloud service.

The app is free to download and use, and there is a small, optional annual $1.99 fee if you want to use the ability to save custom templates to the app’s cloud servers.
Lets make your email signature now !!





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