Some useful features of iPhone with iOS 8 By Apple

Some useful features of iPhone with iOS 8 By Apple

iPhone Tips and Tricks

A collection of tips showing some useful features of iPhone with iOS 8.

Quickly respond to a notification

Slide a notification up to dismiss it, or pull it down to reveal actions you can take. For example, with an iMessage, pull down and you can reply right there.

Messages: Send an audio message

In Messages, touch and hold the record audio button to record. Swipe up to send the recording. To delete it instead, swipe left.

Mail: Quickly manage your mail

Swipe a message to the right to mark it. Swipe left for other options, and swipe farther to delete it. Change the actions in Settings > Mail, Contacts, Calendars > Swipe Options.

Siri knows the tune

Like the song playing on the radio, or in a café, or anywhere else? Ask Siri, “What song is this?”

Mail: Get reply notifications

Waiting for a response to an email? When viewing a message, tap the mark message button, then tap Notify Me.

Contacts: Reach your favorite people

Double-click the Home button, then tap a favorite or recent contact to call or message. You can add a person to Favorites in Phone.

Messages: See when a message was sent

To see what time messages were sent, drag a bubble to the left.

Share with your family

Buy an app once, and the rest of your family can use it too. With Family Sharing, all family members can share purchases even if they have their own accounts. Set it up in Settings > iCloud.

Camera: Take selfies on a timer

Use the shutter timer to include yourself in your photos. Frame your shot, tap the timer button and the number of seconds, then tap the shutter button and jump into the shot.

Quickly type Internet addresses

When typing Internet addresses, touch and hold the period on the keyboard to pick from .com and other suffixes (in apps that support it).

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