The Camera app in your iPhone or iPad has a timer feature similar to that in standard point and shoot or DSLR cameras. This means that if you’ve got a tripod or can prop your iPhone against something, you Can easily frame a photo and then jump in it yourself, no photographer needed! Simply set the timer And let the Camera app do the rest!

How to Set a Timer With The iOS Camera app , Following  Some Step..

=> Launch the Camera app on your iPhone or iPad

=>Tap on the timer icon in the top navigation — if you’re in landscape mode, the timer icon is on the side.

=> Choose either 3 seconds or 10 seconds

=> Tap the camera shutter when you’re ready for the countdown to start


That’s All There is to it. Simply Move into Place And Wait. On The iPhone, Your Flash Will Light Up Every Second and then flash rapidly for the last 3 seconds of the countdown. Once the time ends, your iPhone or iPad will take the photo, in burst mode so you have a good amount of photos to choose from in case Someone moves.



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