Upgrade your knowledge with Ocean Wonders

Upgrade your knowledge with Ocean Wonders


Ocean wonders is a platform for creating awareness of clean and healthy oceans, which provides good information about the current state of the marine life on Earth. It is a digital book within a 3D sphere, which allows access to all the content via one page. Ocean Wonders lays emphasis on the basic fact that, we as a human species share a symbiotic relationship with our oceans on Earth, because ocean plants contribute more than 75% of our oxygen in the Earths atmosphere. This message has been imparted by giving quick and easy to read information on the inhabitants of the oceans like, coral reefs, marine mammals and other such living beings. It looks like this app is for every age group because maintaining clean and healthy ecosystems, is a job that we as a Human species must consider today. Since we have a keen interest in conservation ourselves and geographical studies, we downloaded this app and to our surprise it was extremely informative and way beyond our expectations. It allows the user to learn at their own pace and time and the information is impaired in a quick, easy and fun format, like 3D models, maps, quizzes, short white board videos and illustrations to name a few.

App Features:

# Ideas are represented in 3D models, quizzes , maps, images and illustrations
# It is a digital book without having to turn/swipe pages
# 500+ pages of content all accessible through one single page
# Easy navigation as the user can get from point A to B within 3 clicks
# Maps: Modified google maps are very interesting.
# Quizzes are fun and easy
# Overall easy to understand and minimal text
# Simple to use as the UI is very good
# No collection of users personal data
# Cool pictures
# No 3rd party advertisement
# Buy the app in parts vs buying the whole app at once
# Horizontal visualisation only

One of the most interesting features which we appreciated is within the G section of the app. Ocean Wonders has integrated something called, a non intrusive parental/personal health control. The purpose of this is to allow the user to understand the importance of resting their eyes and mind at every 20 minutes (away from the screen). This has been achieved by adding meditation music with short demos on how to empty the mind, to further be able to grasp more knowledge during the reading/learning process. . Within the app, this is available in the G section (Rest Area).

Moreover, Ocean Wonders is an educational app and address one of the most important battles that we as a human species is fighting today “ Maintaining clean and healthy oceans”. Hence it is our suggestion to read it and spread the word o your family and friends, in order to support this noble cause.




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