Units convert iPhone App : Review

Units convert iPhone App : Review


Main feature: Favorite pairs
It’s good to have support for obscure units, but most of the time you need just several well chosen pairs.

Units allows you to choose any pair of units as a favorite, regardless of its category and have them all available from the same screen:
kmh to mph, km to mi, kg to lb, Celsius to Fahrenheit’s etc.

Instant search
– Don’t hunt down that particular unit
– Tap search button on any screen, type few letters and Units will instantly narrow down the results

– You can choose to use system font/size or choose between Avenir and Helvetica Neue Light
– You can mix and match between 10+ foreground and 4 background colors.
– Create your own dark or light theme

Hundreds of units across many categories
There is no room here to list all the supported units, here’s just the list of categories:
# Acceleration
# Angle
# Area
# Data
# Density
# Dynamic Viscosity
# Energy
# Flow
# Force
# Illuminance
# Kinematic Viscosity
# Length
# Luminance
# Mass
# Power
# Pressure
# Speed
# Temperature
# Time
# Volume

Units convert logog
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