TwistiX – Upcoming Game For iPhone and iPad Users

TwistiX – Upcoming Game For iPhone and iPad Users


Challenging arcade game for iPhone, iPad and iPod touch. Gather sticks
While maneuvering through dozens of hand-crafted futuristic levels with
Fire, mines, chasing saws, rocket launchers and railguns trying to
Eradicate you! With Game Center leaderboards you will try to master all
levels in direct competition with your friends. Use energetic shockwaves
to get rid of enemies and rush through to beat the highscores all around
The world.

Why TwistiX Unique Game

TwistiX have 60 levels with Many more in the pipeline. A bunch of new features and

game elements –Partly already coded – will be added through frequent updates. The game
is visually very much appealing with an unique design and game mode.
Original dubstep music created especially for the app together with the
Futuristic graphics and a highly addictive and fun gameplay are key
Components of TwistiX that make it stand out against the competition.

App Name:- TwistiX (with the capital X!)

Publish Date:-  Early November

TwistiX   logo

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