Twistix is A Challenging & Crazy Arcade Game For iOS Users.

Twistix is A Challenging & Crazy Arcade Game For iOS Users.


TwistiX is a challenging arcade game for iPhone, iPad and iPod touch. Gather sticks while maneuvering through dozens of hand-crafted futuristic levels with fire, mines, chasing saws, rocket launchers and railguns trying to eradicate you! With Game Center leaderboards you will try to master all levels in direct competition with your friends. Use energetic shockwaves to get rid of enemies and rush through to beat the highscores all around the world.

With 60 levels and many more in the pipeline TwistiX offers you HOURS of fun and thrilling entertainment. A bunch of new features and game elements will be added through frequent updates. Original dubstep music created especially for the app together with futuristic graphics will let you enjoy every single level you play. TwistiX’s highly addictive and demanding gameplay will test your skills to the fullest.

TIP 1: hold your device horizontally when playing!
TIP 2: pause the game to calibrate the device if needed!
TIP 3: played the first seven levels? Jump to the next stage on the right for more free levels! Every page has it’s own topic and a set of free levels !!!

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