Turn Your Photos Into A Super Video Using Free iOS App Stayfilm:...

Turn Your Photos Into A Super Video Using Free iOS App Stayfilm: Review


Stayfilm is an online movie auto producer with cinema quality that will turn your stories into films with soundtrack and visual effects.

You don’t need to edit anything. The content selection is automatic from the content shared on social networks and uploaded files. The app is free and you can share your film with friends and interact with other stories.
Try and be surprised!

Disney is on Stayfilm
Make a movie with your photos and videos and see the magic of Disney happen, where you can find Mickey, Marvel’s heroes, Disney Princesses and many adventures with the characters of Toy Story, Cars and much more!

Stayfilm is for family and friends
Create a video in two minutes and share with all your friends.
You can use photos and videos that you already posted on Facebook, Instagram, Flickr and those on your own phone!

Stayfilm is Social
In the app, you can watch the videos of your followers and those you follow, find films by category, by date, and the best ones voted by our team of experts. Also, you can check your notifications and create more films from all the inspiration.

Stayfilm recalls stories!
Do you remember those photos and videos that, for whatever reason, were stored on your computer, just using space and that you never got to use? Or an album that you forgot in some of the numerous social networks you participate?
Now you can do something about it, compile it into a single movie and share it!

Stayfilm transforms the moment!
Do you know when you return from a trip with millions of photos and videos or the day after your birthday party / wedding and your machine card / mobile phone memory is full of images? What to do with all these moments?
Check out Stayfilm’s exclusive themes and create a movie, share with friends and family!

The biggest advantage of the app is to make it possible to use photos and videos from your mobile phone to create films without the need for a computer. We usually take most of our photos on the go, with mobile devices, so Stayfilm saves you time, you can create your videos faster and check what other users are doing in Their Free Time.

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