Turn Every Message Into a Work of Art with My Happy

Turn Every Message Into a Work of Art with My Happy

My Happy is a brand new iOS and Android app that allows you to make your very own motivational posters (called Happies) in just a few taps. All you need to do is take or choose a picture, type up a message, select your font, add some artwork, and hit send or share.


You can share your Happies on your favorite social media channels or with your friends by inviting them to join. My Happy also gives you the option of sending ready-made, professionally designed posters with an impressive gallery of templates.


My Happy combines the ease of an instant messaging app, with the functionality of a photo sharing platform. But more than just another photo editor or chat app, My Happy offers an exciting new way to create meaningful visuals to share with your friends.


More than just another photo sharing app


Creating Happies can become quite addictive as you explore all the photo filters, options and available extras. The app’s simple, intuitive interface makes learning the ins and outs a breeze, so it only takes a minute or two before you feel 100% comfortable creating stunning Happies for your friends.


My Happy’s vast range of features give it the sort of long-term appeal that’ll keep you coming back for more. And you’ll never be short on ideas for new Happies once you get a feel for how to use all the little icons in the artworks sections.


After creating one of these Happies, you really get the sense that you’ve made something cool, and want to share it with as many people as you can.


Okay so what’s with all the Happy-ness?


On the My Happy site and throughout its messaging, the team have made it abundantly clear that the focus is on something greater than just words and pictures. My Happy aims to create a movement towards a more inspired society by giving users a better way to express themselves, and connect with the people they care about.



If you’re the type of person who shares inspirational quotes on your social channels, this app is a dream come true. Best of all, My Happy is completely free. And so are all the filters and photo effects you’ll need to create stunning picture messages.


Everybody loves motivational messages, and they almost seem to share themselves on social media. My Happy has honed in on this idea, and defined a strong audience around people who want to create their own inspirational posters, not just for their social networks but for their family and friends too. We’ve given this app a 5 star rating for bringing something fresh to the photo sharing space. Its free filters, great artworks and powerful photo effects make My Happy one to watch out for as its community develops.

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