Trust MomBlocker for your every text message

Trust MomBlocker for your every text message


Texting message is one of my daily life activities in my professional work. The most important thing while sending any message is that there should be always a sending of a message to the right person. Here I am introducing you to one app named as MomBlocker that make you alert before sending any message. A prompt will appear asking you about your surety of sending the text message. This will prevent your message from being sending accidently.

Like this, your message will not be sent to any wrong person. Let’s move ahead to know the features of this app.


  • Import from contacts: This feature enables the user to import the contacts.
  • Sync Contacts: Synchronization of the contact.
  • Send Feedback: User can send the feedback about the service.
  • Rate the app: Through this feature, you can do a rating of the app.

The app is as simple as to use. Once you start accessing, you will know how to use it. There is no rocket science in its working. I am really happy to use this app as it protecting me from entering the world of explanation. It helps in my professional life too. Now I can send my message to right person with surety.




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