Totals iPhone App: Review

Totals iPhone App: Review


The power of math at your fingertips.

The aim of Totals is to help you carry out any kind of math calculation in the fastest and cleanest way possibile, whether you need to compute something very simple, or advanced tasks that usually go under the name of “rocket science”; its main strength is flexibility: it helps you when you need a hand, while at the same time leaving you your space when you know exactly what to do, and just need power.

How does it achieve all this? It consists of 4 tools, integrated one into each other and beautifully combining their effort to give you control on whatever task you need to perform:

# Calculator: this is the core of Totals.
# Units Converter*: to convert the result using more than 300 units.
# Math Reference*: to help you when you need to remember a formula, and speed up the process of using them.
# Mathpad: to keep track of all the things in your life related to numbers; the average score of your college exams, the amount of money someone owns you and other countless possibilities.

#Unit Converted and Math Reference features only available through In-App Purchase

Inside the calculator, you will have at your disposal multiple styles, for all your demands: just swipe with your finger to switch from one to another, it’s that easy!
# If you just need to add numbers and perform classic operations with them, the Simple style is what you want to use.
# Are you instead in the middle of a calculation that requires more advanced features? Just swipe your finger to access the Scientific style: you will have trigonometric, exponential, logarithmic and many, many more functions at your disposal.
# If you feel a little more geeky (or brave), you can even swipe your finger once again to access the Programmer style, which will give you the ability to deal with hex and binary numbers, the operations between them and their conversion.

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