Importance of App Store Optimization?

First, let Me Drive One Important Point Home: ASO is Really Important. ..Why? It’s Not Only Because Apps are Big Biz, But Because Customers Are Searching For Those Apps. Apptentive Reports That 63% (iOS) of App Customers Report Browsing in The App Store to Discover New Apps.

If your app doesn’t suck then it’s ok to invest some time into optimizing it a bit. The most important part is knowing what to optimize for, meaning the keyword. You want a keyword that has the most searches while it has the least competition (i.e. very few apps that target it). You can do some basic keyword research just by looking at your competitors, using Google Play’s auto-complete keyword suggestions and finally using a 3rd party service that gives you more flexibility in terms of GPSO.

For this purpose I compared 10 services that provide to some level tools to help you with the optimization process:Eyso, SensorTower,SearchMan,Appnique,Straply,Appcodes,MobiledevHQ,Mopapp,MetricsCat,Appannie,

As Mentioned Earlier Keyword Research is The Most Important Part of The Optimization so in Choosing These Services I Took Into Account if They Offer Keyword Tools or Not, But Also Considered Other Features, Which I’ll Describe Briefly Below

Price:- Obviously this is very important as most developers don’t have a lot of fund lying around like big players have. That’s why I also mention in the comparison table below if they offer or not a free trial/tier.

System:- Not all work with the 2 major markets so you’ll see which ones work with iOS apps and Android apps too.

Keyword Rankings:- This basically would give a report on how your app ranks for a particular keyword over a period of time.

Keyword Research:- Helps you delve deeper into a particular keyword to see if you can’t actually find a better alternative. Good tools also include a difficulty ranking (how much competition it is already for that keyword).

Keyword Suggestions:- Think of the suggestions that Google Play offers when you start typing something

Keyword Spy:- What keywords are your competitors using.

Category Rankings:- A top for the apps in a particular category.

Track Competitors:- Spy your competitors and their ranking.

Install reports:- How many users actually install and use your app (app analytics part).

Download reports:- How many downloads your app gets (and more important your competitors, think app intelligence)

Review Analysis:- Analyze the reviews and ratings your apps gets over time.

Email reports:- Receive reports via email with your ranking.

Visibility score:- A type of proprietary score that your app would get upon analysis from a ranking point of view.

Export data:- Possibility to export the data and use it locally.

Accuracy:- Everyone can say they offer keyword research, but how accurate is that?


Comparison Table For Top 10 App Store Optimization Tools

 1:- Sensor Tower:- Powerful platform for improving search visibility and increasing downloads of your app on the Apple App Store and Google Play

Price/month:-  ($79 | $150 | Enterprise )

Free / Free trial:-  (Yes – limited to one app (requires CC for trial )

2:- SearchMan:- SearchMan was founded in 2012 by Niren Hiro and Naoki Shibata (with a team behind formed of ex-Google/Yahoo/Friendster employees) and is one of the big players too. They are specifically focused on app optimization. Here’s a quick overview of the service:

Price/month:- ( $25/app/month )

Free / Free trial:- (Yes – limited to 50 pageviews per app )


3:-Appnique :- Appnique is a platform for product managers and marketers to market mobile apps through both organic app store SEO (ASO), as well as mobile app install campaigns. Appnique helps to drive improved app discoverability, higher downloads and better user acquisition (UA) ROI.

Price/month:- ($150/month | Enterprise )

Free / Free trial:- (Yes – free for one app )

4:- Straply :- George and the crew came up with Straply to solve a singular, Godzilla-sized problem: getting your app Found in the app stores – App Store Optimization. You see, a bunch of us app nerds think the app stores have Become increasingly broken. In fact, a lot of our mobile developer and marketing homies think the app stores Have been a mess from the start. And as the mobile market grows at an exponential rate, gaining app visibility Has become a whole lot harder.

Price/month:- (Free in beta )

Free / Free trial :- (Yes)

5:- Appcodes:- AppCodes was created by Tomasz Kolinko and claims to be the “Swiss Army Knife” of ASO and GPSO, though this lacks some features in comparison to other services. No login required and that’s a big plus, below is a slide presentation with what they offer

Price/month :- ($15 )

Free / Free trial :- (Yes – demo account and no login required )

6:-MobiledevHQ :- MobileDevHQ was founded in 2009 by Ian Sefferman and they claim to be the #1 in app Store optimization. That probably justifies why they’re also the most expensive and they tend to be More focused on enterprise solutions (where the good honey is). They have a free forever plan for 3 Apps that provides some good basic insight, however most other tools require payment. Here’s a quick Overview:

Price/month :- ($350 | Enterprise ($$$) )

Free / Free trial :- (Yes – limited to 3 apps (free for life))


7:-Mopapp:-Mopapp was born from the experience of three people devoted to developing mobile innovative Applications. We developed many dozens of iPhone, iPad, BlackBerry, Android and Windows Mobile applications.

Price/month:-  ( $200 | Enterprise)

Free / Free Trial:- ( Yes – free for devs )

8:-MetricsCat:- MetricsCat was founded in 2013 by Tatiana Aulachynskaya. With affordable prices for indie devs and a cute mascot, MetricsCat is more focused on app analytics and intelligence than it is on app optimizations. No usable demos but you can sign-up for free and see for yourself how it compares with others.

Price/month :- ($15 | $76 | $400)

Free / Free trial :- (Yes (free for 1 app and 5 keywords) )

9:- AppAnnie:- App Annie is the secret weapon for app store marketers, providing industry-leading app store Analytics and market intelligence

Price/month :- (Free | Enterprise ($$$))

Free / Free trial:- ( Yes (free with limited features) )


10:- Eyso:- Eyso is an ASO platform for Android and iOS apps. The company was founded in 2013 and its from SĂŁo Paulo, Brazil, one of the TOP 3 biggest app markets in the world. They have an amazing Content Lab tool that no other platform has, which helps the app publisher to create the best content as possible. They also offer Consulting Services to 30+ apps worldwide with average 250% increase on downloads.

Price/month: USD 50
Free Trial: Yes, 15 days
So there are Top 10 App Store Optimization


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