Toonia Jelly Education iphone app by 3fs !!! Review

Toonia Jelly Education iphone app by 3fs !!! Review


Jelly is a jolly good jello, that bounces all around!

Jelly is your pet jello, that loves to play. His magical world is full of amazing surprises for you to discover. Use your finger to move around and catch magical objects to see Jelly change shapes and colors. Learn what makes him happy and cheer him up if he gets sad or scared. If you’re nice to him, he will be your friend forever.

Children have a natural urge to explore and identify the relationships of objects in their surroundings. Toonia Jelly encourages their curiosity in a safe environment full of interesting interactions and fun surprises. It is a truly open-ended adventure that is sure make your little ones giggle with delight.

• Explore Jelly’s amazing world.
• Catch magic objects.
• See Jelly change shapes and colors.
• Find out what Jelly likes and dislikes. Learn about different emotions.
• Keep Jelly happy and make him laugh.
• Beautiful world full of fun physics and exciting surprises.
• No written instructions, kid-friendly interface.
• No in-app purchases, no third-party advertising.
• Relaxing music and colors.
• No rules, no limits, play any way you want to.

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