Toca Pet Doctor Education iphone App Review

Toca Pet Doctor Education iphone App Review


The pets need your help! In Toca Pet Doctor our animal friends want your love, care and help.

Meet 15 animals who are all craving your attention. Through innovative play you can help the dove, or clean up the pup! Oh no, did the angry worm accidentally twist itself into a knot?

Beautiful artwork and fun sounds designed for ages 2-6 guides your kids through different activities, empowering them to take care of and feel for the animals.

=> 15 lively and charming animals
=> When they’re cured, they go back to sleep – wake them up and play again!
=> Feed them flies, seeds and yummy vegetables!
=>Intuitive, safe and kid-friendly design
=> Beautiful original artwork
=> No rules or stress
=> No third party advertising
=> No in-app purchases

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