Tiqtiq Fastest And Easiest Photo Transfer App By Appstapps.

Tiqtiq Fastest And Easiest Photo Transfer App By Appstapps.


Fastest and easiest photo transfer app!

Try tiqtiq, get Premium.
Open the tiqtiq App, press the tiqtiq button and your selected photos will be sent by email immediately!

Use a preset or ‘tiq’ to send your photos to any email with only ONE tap!

Create multiple ‘tiqs’ in our Premium version.

Example ‘tiq’ with selection Last hour, photo size Large:
# Open the App
# Tap the tiqtiq button
# Your photos of the past hour (size Large) will be sent
# To the email address of your choice
# Manual select/deselect possible

Swipe the screen and get into the next settings. As simple as it can be!
# Everyone can use ‘tiqtiq’, it is very fast and easy to use

Photo Selection Options:
# Last 10 minutes
# Last hour
# Last 2, 4, 8, 24 hours
# Last 2, 3 days
# Last week

Premium Features:
# Get 3 more ‘tiqs’
# Add email subject comment
# No advertisement

Send your photos to:
# Family and friends
# Your business email address
# Your colleagues
# A fellow photographer
# Your print shop
# Dropbox: with a ‘sendtodropbox’ email
# Flickr: with your Flickr email
# Evernote: send your photos to your Evernote email address
# et cetera

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