Thesaurus Rex by iPhone App :Review

Thesaurus Rex by iPhone App :Review


Thesaurus Rex by revolutionizes the thesaurus for the first time in 160 years. We’ve added modern content and synonyms for new words such as epiphany & stakeholder, plus 30,000 more new entries. WORKS OFFLINE.

Save time with proprietary features: Sort synonyms with filters such as Relevance, Complexity, Length and more. Create personalized lists of your favorite synonyms. Quickly refine any style of writing & find the perfect words.

TIP: Student? Find the perfect word and synonyms fast with our “best match” feature. Writer? Refine and sort your synonyms by Length, Complexity, Relevance and more. Poet or songwriter? Rhymes & Syllables is only available here and will help any lyricist.


# The only advanced English thesaurus with modern content, with over 550,000 new and modern synonyms, antonyms and definitions from and
# Refine & sort your synonyms & antonyms across 4 different filters
# Get recommendations for the “best match” words with Relevance feature
# Find a more difficult or simpler synonym with our Complexity dial
# Shorten or lengthen your synonyms with our Length feature
# Save personalized shortlists of all your favorite synonyms
# Offline access-no Internet connection needed for most content
# Audio pronunciation
# Learn new words in context with Word Origin & History
# Improve your writing with Examples & Tips (available via in-app purchase)
# Rhyme and sort by exact syllable count with Rhymes & Syllables (available via in-app purchase)

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