The Latest Trend In Photo & Selfie Fun From The Award Winning*...

The Latest Trend In Photo & Selfie Fun From The Award Winning* Knot The Cat


The latest trend in photo & selfie fun from the award winning* Knot the Cat. Simply download the app, take your photo or selfie, add your favourite fun character, add your personalised text then share with your friends and family via your social media platforms.

Your initial download comes with Knot the Cat in 3 poses. The full version, available as an in app purchase gives you Knot the Cat in 8 poses and four of Knot’s friends in four poses. Knot’s friends are Woz the Dog, Got the Hamster, Izit the Monkey and Ears the Rabbit.

Have your Knot & friends photos printed on a huge range of gifts personalised just for you, your friends and family in Knot’s online store.


# Create an account to access your saved Knot photos online anytime, anywhere.
# Your account also provides quick retrieval of any photo you have ever taken with Knot’s app for printing on  Your personalised gifts in Knot’s shop.
# Take a new photo or use an existing photo and add as many characters as you wish.
# Resize and rotate the characters for the best fit
# Add a text caption
# Resize and rotate your text for the best fit.
# Choose the colour of your text.
# Share your photos immediately through the social networks, email or message system you have on your device.
# Save up to ten photos within the app for sharing at a later stage.
# Upgrade to the full version via the in app purchase button.
# Direct link to Knot’s website where, once your photo has been approved (we do this little check to keep everyone safe and sound) you can enter your photos into Knot’s global gallery.

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