The Interactive 100 Animals Megamix Unique iOS App.

The Interactive 100 Animals Megamix Unique iOS App.


Are you worried about your kid’s education? You are right, gone are those days when kids were taught in conventional ways using picture books and by pronouncing the name of the objects by learning spelling. The learning process used to become monotonous for kids as the process lacked interactive quality.
In modern kids-teaching methodology, educationists prefer to teach kids in communicating mode where audio and visual inputs are used for giving them a complete idea of the objects around them. Learning about animal world is a part of kid’s basic education. The free iOS app 100 Animals Megamix is designed on this new concept of kids education where 3D animation, audio and visual input have been blended together to make kids learning process funny, interactive, and easy to recall.
How the app is unique?

The interactive 100 Animals Megamix is unique because of its brilliant presentation of animals’ world. The user interface is made in the shape of the globe where domestic animals and wild animals pictures are presented for random selection. Here once an animal is selected, you can tap on it: you will get to know its stature, the correct pronunciation of its name, and the sound it makes. Also you can make your kids to learn animal categorization as a land animal or an aquatic creature. Not only this free app will be helpful for parents to teach about various animals for toddlers in a fun and learn milieu, it will help preschool kids in enhancing their vocabulary and cognition skill by simple picture watching.

Before you download this kids educational game on your iOS device, check its kid’s friendly features:
The interface of the app opens with a gallery of animals: there are total 100 animals in the gallery.
By browsing the gallery, the kid will be able to know the names, how the animal looks, and will be able to hear the animal sounds as a mark of its identification: it is a unique database of animal Sounds 100 for toddlers.

Colorful graphics will grab kid’s attention,
Best animal pictures are used here for proper knowledge of the user kids,
Stimulating music will enhance kid’s attraction: animals’ vocal sounds are real and awesome!
The app is available in 30 languages: presently pronunciation of the animals names it is available in English, French, Russian and German languages.
The kids learning app is compatible for iOS 6 and up for iPhone, iPod and iPad.

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