Text To Brain iOS App New Way To Increase Perception Of Any...

Text To Brain iOS App New Way To Increase Perception Of Any Textual Information


Do you want to increase perception of any textual information? Text to Brain will help you with this. Did you know that most of time during reading we are spending on pronunciation of words?

Text To Brain was created for speed up the perception of the text. We spent less time on pronunciation the words. By ordinary reading we pronounce the words that we see even on silent reading. And we need more time for this then on visual fixation. When we see the word it appears on our brain. Therefore Text To Brain show us the word with such speed that we don’t have time to pronounce it. Surely, at the first time it seemed so difficult and you will need some time on mastering this technique. But the results are so staggering!

Minimal version iOS 5.1
Maximum file size 3 Mb

Some gestures
Tap on reading area – (start / stop)
swipe right – backward
swipe left – forward

Ways to open file
by use iTunes:
1) connect device to iTunes
2) select device in iTunes
3) select tab “Programs”
4) scroll down and select Text To Brain in left side of Files sharing section
5) click add button or drag and drop book to right side
in pictures

Text To Brain logo



Text To Brain qR


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