Teacher Says Handwriting Awesome iPad App For Tracing & Writing

Teacher Says Handwriting Awesome iPad App For Tracing & Writing


An excellent app designed by teachers for both teachers and parents to engage and motivate children while enhancing their handwriting and writing skills.

Teacher Says Handwriting is an interactive app that provides children with the opportunity to write letters, words and sentences. Letter formation arrows are provided to assist children with proper letter formation. The animated tracing screen makes it simple to see how letters are formed. Children can also trace each upper and lowercase letter.

FOR PARENTS: A perfect app to help guide your child through the writing process to promote learning success. Practice writing your name, words and much more!

Step 1: Practice forming and writing letters
Step 2: Join letters together to make words
Step 3: Join words together to build sentences

FOR TEACHERS: This app is an excellent tool to use for whole group, small group, or individual handwriting/writing instruction. Helps to teach and reinforce letter formation, CVC words, sight words, spelling words, phonics and grammar skills, sentence structure, shared reading and writing experiences and reading response activities.

# A fun and colorful, child friendly interface
# Blank primary ruled lines to practice letter, word and sentence building and writing creativity
# Children can choose the color of their pencil, use an eraser, or touch the trash can to erase the entire page
# Letter formation: Just choose the upper or lowercase letter that you want to learn. Every letter is animated so you will be able to see it’s proper formation, and trace it with the guidance of arrow prompts.
# Allows for the developmental growth of emergent writers with the ability to choose one, two, or three primary ruled lines per page
# Visual symbols to assist with top, middle and bottom line starting and ending points
# While a stylus is not required to use this app, using one will allow a child to practice using a pen/pencil to write while reinforcing grip/fine motor skills
# Connects writing to reading as children read what they are writing

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Teacher Says Handwriting


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