Tank Titans HD Free iPhone Game : Review

Tank Titans HD Free iPhone Game : Review


Tank Titans is here – engage in the most realistic tank battle gameplay you’ve ever seen. Select your tank and fight off waves of enemies with superior firepower and smart tactical movement.
To make it all even better – you don’t need an active internet connection to play. A game with an old-school flavor that will allow you to feel the excitement of the battle first hand!

Jump right into your tank and start working your way through a highly realistic battle map in your armored vehicle. No matter how many enemies you destroy, there will always be another, even stronger wave of tanks coming full speed at you, forcing you to react instinctively and instantly in order to survive another combat mission.
Upon starting a mission, new players are given a choice between three classic war tanks, but after that each player can personalize his tank in almost unlimited ways. There are literally hundreds of different add-ons and improvements that can be unlocked, so Tank Titans can remain fun and fresh for a long time.

After a while, a player can turn his tank into a mean war machine that will help him reach higher scores and completely master the game. Players can also interact with the huge map, giving each tank shoot-out a distinct background and unique atmosphere.

# Excellent & Beautiful map
# An extremely realistic interface
# Emerge into the action – with dynamic gameplay
# Accessible controls – manage your tank like a pro
# Unlimited waves of increasingly stronger enemies
# Upgradable tanks
# No internet connection necessary

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