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Tired of not understanding your clothes’ care symbols? Can’t you remove those annoying tags of your garments because you don’t want to lose that information? Have you ever damaged some of your favorite garments because of not knowing how to properly wash it? Now with WashTag you’ll never have these problems again.

WashTag is the perfect companion app for your laundries, as it helps you divide
your clothes depending on the type and care needed. How it works?

#. Add your clothes to the application
#. Select the care symbols that appear on each tag
#. Select the garments you want to clean
#. WashTag will take care of telling you the number of different laundries needed and the type that you should do to avoid damage on your clothes

But WashTag doesn’t only help you with your laundry! It will also help you to:
# Have information about the different laundries you need to do depending on the clothes you want to wash
# Keep your clothes organized and classified
Have general information about the different care symbols, ironing, drying, etc

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