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Tracker Buttons Pro


Track your Life !!
Trackerbuttons gives you extreme flexibility but still incredibly simple to track almost any aspect of your life.
Create buttons in seconds to keep track of almost anything.

For Example –
Keep track of all days you exercised by creating an ‘Exercise’ button and tap the button whichever day you exercise.
Similarly , to track drinking water , monitor your spending , days you took your medicine , monitor your weight , track hours you study or work or commute , track fuel / gas consumption of your car etc.

The application is limited by your imagination only.
You can create three types of buttons –

1. Count – To count anything e.g. number of days you exercised.
2. Duration – To measure duration of an activity. e.g. how much time do I spend in front of Screens ( mobile , computer , tv ) etc.
3. Value – To record any value e.g. any bills that you pay. You can record the item name and how much you paid.

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