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PepperLite is a powerful tool designed to bring all your sales and marketing collaterals to tablets effortlessly and win deals. We created this app since we were struggling to showcase our service and product offering to prospects and clients. All your marketing assets are beautifully segregated to create a powerful impact in less than 2 minutes.
# Magic wand – Hide/unhide assets in seconds to showcase projects based on your audience interest
# Folksonomy – You control what to show. One click to navigate across app
# Analytics – 30 plus types of reports that helps you take right business decision
# Multi-touch control – You may tap, scroll, pinch, and swipe your way through your story
# Portfolio – Organize assets based on your requirement for a compelling narrative
# File format – Supports 20 plus file format
# Upload unlimited assets – Do not let space constraint your story
# Content Management System (CMS) – Simple to use and powerful to scale

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An Homage to classic text adventures seen through the lense of a new take on match and color based minigames. Navigate from memory to memory, making decisions and solving puzzles as a complex and At times, dark story unfolds in the text based world around you.

Unique versions of current trends in match gaming, as well as new looks at modern classics.

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The Outcast is a new passive adventure game where you’ll explore a vast and dangerous world through a unique story system that unfolds at your own pace.

When you first open The Outcast you’ll find that the story cannot progress until you close the game. After you leave The Outcast you’ll go about your day. When a new event takes place in the story go into the game and you’ll be able to find out what happens next.

How many days will you survive?

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Meet Vladmir Von Splatter. Born centuries ago in the stormy region of Darkonia, Vladmir’s sharp teeth, yellow skin and bloodshot eyes reveal that he’s a vampire. But unlike other vampires, Vladmir has a good heart. So good, in fact, that he keeps it in a special place. You’ll find out where—and many other frightfully fascinating details of Vladmir Von Splatter’s life—when you play Welcome to the Vampire’s Lair … If You Dare!!

Using stunning 3-D animation, Welcome to the Vampire’s Lair … If You Dare!! offers both frights and fun with chilling activities and hair-raising surprises. With vibrant, sharp graphics and crystal clear, customized sound effects, this app is a highly interactive, addictive game.

Here’s a look at some of the fun in Vladmir’s lair:

=> Available with word-by-word narration in English, Spanish and Portuguese. With the tap of a finger you can translate from one language to another.

=> Pet Sweetheart, Vladmir’s ravenous, carnivorous plant (but don’t let her bite your finger off!)

=> Attempt to crush the deadly, furry scorpions from the land of Terrorvania before they multiply.

=> Put a puzzle of the Mona Lisa back together the right way.

=> Watch Night of the Vampire on Vampire TV by touching the remote control.

=> Touch the coffins and watch screaming skeletons jump out singing blood curdling, menacing music in Screamophone.

=> Enter the electric Terror Laboratory and hit the right levers to jolt Vladmir’s heart back to life. Just don’t hit the wrong levers, or you’ll be sorry!

=> Take a photo of yourself in Vamp-o-morph, add buggy, eerie eyes and ferocious fangs, save it to the gallery and use it to freak out all your friends!

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