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Sportz Smash

Sportz Smash is a new match 3 style puzzle game with a sports theme that makes it unique to all the other ‘candy’ style games. It has beautiful graphics and addictive gameplay for all ages.Even your granny can play!

The objective of the game is to match at least 3 or more of the various balls to meet the target in order to pass each level. Level vary in difficulty and requirements, keeping players engaged throughout 100 levels.


The game features cool powerups such as American Footballer, Golfer, Coach and Referee which all have unique powers to help you pass levels. There is a shop available but with very cheap prices compared to other games and it is not pay to play as you can pass levels without needed to pay anything.

What are you waiting for? Get smashing!

More info

Website : www.sportzsmash.com

Email sportzsmash@gmail.com


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Launch Date :-  May 2016