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SelfMe – Your Selfie Album App


SelfMe is the ultimate selfie application available on iOS – and guess what?.. it’s FREE! SelfMe is a calendar based selfie application that allows you to take Selfies every day by tapping calendar days to add numerous selfies either from your Photo Library or from your Camera. You will also be prompted to take selfies every day so you don’t forget (you can turn off this feature).

With your generated selfies, you are then able to share them with your friends across social media very easily – but that’s not the best part.. SelfMe allows you to generate personal albums for different occasions! You are able to generate:
# Facebook Covers
# Square images
# Round images
# iPhone Wallpapers
# Shapes
# More!

Features :-
# “Click” – Snap selfies by clicking your fingers!
# Calendar based Selfies
# Generate Albums
# Share images and albums
# Grid View
# List View
# Save Albums
# Help
# Add Frames
# Add Captions
# So much more!

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