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My Page Login Feature In Youtube Account
# Search Features
# Circuit Features
# Ability To Display Three Thumbnails
# Toggle Thumbnails
# Video List Sorted Set
# Full-Screen Mode
# Number Of Video Settings
# Quality Communication Environment Settings
# Thumbnail Cache Feature
# Facebook Twitter To Post Features
# SMS Communication
# Corresponds To The Ios7
# Released Iphone Version
# HD Video Search
# Safe Search
# Depending On The Communications Environment Settings For Video Quality.
# Back Background Play
# Big-Screen Movie Player (Ipad)
# Foreign Language Search
# Ability To Customize Menu

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Experience Wikipedia flawlessly on your iPhone or iPod. With iWiki, accessing Wikipedia becomes quick and easy with a powerful set of features and perfectly optimized articles for reading on your mobile device.


# Enjoy Wikipedia with a beautiful article layout engine perfectly optimized for your iPhone, both in portrait and landscape modes
# Keep a library of knowledge in your pocket with the ability to save articles for offline reading
# Easily navigate recently viewed articles with back/forward buttons without losing your scroll positions
# Discover content in over 30 languages with built-in links to other article translations
# Find the information you’re after easily with quick and full-text searching, and the ability to search for text within articles
# Enjoy any image on Wikipedia using the built-in image viewer with image captions
# Get a quick overview of an article with the handy table of contents browser
# Double tap to read comfortably in full screen
# Customize the experience with your favorite fonts and settings, accessible within the Settings application

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