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Love your old family photos? Get them onto your iPhone or iPad with this app. Place 2, 3, even 4 photo prints 1/2″ apart on white background and photograph them together. Pic Scanner will crop and save them automatically. Try it free first, then buy unlimited scanning and sharing.

With Pic Scanner, you can edit photos, add captions and filters, create albums, instantly share photos via Facebook, Twitter, Google+ or email, or archive them in Dropbox.

This full featured free version offers ten opportunities to scan and auto-crop, and three to share. So you can try risk-free before you buy.


# BATCH SCANNING: Scan 2-4 photos simultaneously, not the boring old fashioned way of one at a time.

# AUTOMATIC CROPPING: Fully automated, no annoying manual intervention needed. Best app!

# OPTIMIZED: Old photos look sharp and bright on Retina screen. Better than with document scanner apps.

# INTUITIVE: Easy to use. For great tips, read the in-app ‘Help’ or get the free ‘5 Minute Guide’ from our website.

# SPECIAL EFFECTS: Give your photos an atmospheric or retro look with Sepia, B&W, Sharpness and other filters.

# ORGANIZE: Create albums quickly and easily, right on your iPhone, iPad or iPad Touch.

# MANUAL MODE: If a photograph is cropped incorrectly or missed out, you can crop it in manual mode.

# MANY SHARING OPTIONS: Google+, Facebook, Twitter, email, Camera Roll, Dropbox and iCloud.

# NO INTERNET NEEDED: Photos saved on your device. No need to be online to upload or see photos; no data costs.

# TOTAL PRIVACY: Only you decide whether and with whom to share your photos.

• NON ANGLAIS? NO PROBLEM. There’s a printable User Guide in 14 languages on our web site

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Pocket Scanner makes the best powerful mobile scanner out of your iPhone, providing you with a brand new interface and the ability to covert scans to PDFs quickly and efficiently, making Pocket Scanner the only document solution you would ever need! Pocket Scanner is fully compatible with iOS 7 and supports AirDrop.

>Have you ever worried about the loss of receipts? Ever need to deal with the bothering reimbursement process?
> Have you come across a great piece of written work but there’s no copier around?
> You collect countless business cards from a meeting, but how do you organize them into files?

Pocket Scanner gives you the flexibility to make quick scans of documents, receipts, whiteboards, business cards, notes, posters, checks, and even multi-page documents. With its built-in support for sharing, you can share your scans as multi-page PDF or JPEG files by email, Evernote, Dropbox, GoogleDocs, Box, SugarSync, Mydisk.se, FTP/WebDAV.

Pocket Scanner Features:
=> Compatible with iOS 7
=> Friendly and intuitive user interface
=> Automatic document edge detection
=> Efficient and structural file management
=> Unlimited scan projects for all kinds of materials and themes
=> Great file management system
=> Advanced image processing: Instant brightness, rotation, and color adjustment
=> Email documents as PDF, JPEG, and save them to the Photo Library
=> AirDrop & AirPrint supported
> Various sources of importing images

Streamline your workflow and boost the productivity with Pocket Scanner NOW!

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